9-11 - In Memory Thereof and Going Forward

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In answer to the question oft asked this day, I remember exactly where I was when the tragedies began. I stood mouth gaping open like everyone else not able to wrap my brain around what I was seeing. I still wonder why on earth I let my children attend school that day. We all scrambled through the various news stations and online to get the latest bits of news each bit more tragic and shocking than the last. We shook our heads in disbelief watching all those folks just like us walking across the Brooklyn Bridge trying to get home to assure their loved ones that they were, in fact one of the lucky ones. One of the lucky ones. It would be impossible for me to stress in my own humble way how disinterested I am in discussing why this happened. Ditto for the politics that surround this issue to this day. I only care about 2 things. I care about the families and their journey and the different points and rest stops they have encountered along grief's rocky path. Additionally, I sincerely contemplate, meditate, pray, consider, hope, manifest and affirm that the way to avoiding these types of chaotic episodes is to understand, understand, know, take to heart the notion that we are citizens of the world and we are one another's keeper. We are all siblings. The days following 9-11 were eerily quiet. No planes flying overhead and people speaking almost in a whisper. The flags were flying everywhere and often I found myself having to leave the room during the news broadcasts as the pundits pontificated about who was responsible. There were some things however that began to present themselves as the tiniest glimmers of Grace amongst the wreckage. I was picking up grocery items for dinner that evening the day after 9-11. There were long lines that afternoon as if folks were eating at home instead of eating out or auto-piloting their way to the drive-thru fast food. I silently gasped as I noticed the woman in front of me was Muslim, dressed in full Burka. Fear took over as I was concerned for her safety in public. I had heard reports of violence taking place back East already. Condemnations, slurs, assaults and I wondered if there might be customers here waiting in line that shared the unfortunate view that all of those who believe differently from us have hatred and violence in their heart. My fears were unfounded as I watched stranger after stranger offer to let someone go ahead of them, any number of people turned in front of them or in back of them to smile and make small talk. In our line there was special attention given to smile, acknowledge and offer greetings to the woman in front of me. I felt emotion rise to the surface. I wanted to reach out and embrace her and have her know that she is like me and that I am like her and that I consider her path sacred just like my own. I believe I went with a smile and penis extension sleeve - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEsWjR9Lx4I something mundane about the weather. Opportunity missed. Yet I have silently blessed her many times over the years for allowing so many of us to reach out in our own way that day. I am keenly aware of the thorny problems that face us. I just know that finding ways to show love to these problems is the only way to resolution. There is only love. I do not care how this sounds. I just want to know why those in charge of these thorny problems do not spend more time speaking about how love can be a catalyst for change and then actually use love as that catalyst. So on this day, I will spend quiet time in reflection of all of those lost that day. All of those lost since due to illness and grief. I will bless their contributions to all of us. I will honor their memory by sending blessings of love and comfort and empowerment going forward to each of their family members and friends. It is the least that I can do. I will not lower my standard of expectation that we will find resolution through love. May we honor these lives transitioned by showing love and patience and tolerance for others. May we honor these events with a sacred attempt to show love and patience and tolerance for ourselves as this will build a foundation for peace in great measure for generations to come. And so it is.
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