What Makes Dallas/Fort Worth A Great Place To Live

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Before a certain job offer came along, the thought of moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth area had never crossed my mind. I guess I had never considered myself a Texas kind of guy. Granted, I never really knew a whole lot about the area, but it never seemed like somewhere I would want to live. But after living in the Dallas area for a few months, I grew to love it and I have no intention of leaving. So hat makes Dallas such a great place to live? There are a lot of reasons. First, I moved to Texas from quite a ways further north, and I moved in the fall. So the next few months there was a very nice change from the winter weather I was used to. It can get cold and have a little bit of snow, but over all the weather is great. I love winter sports but I can always hop on a plane for a ski weekend if I get the urge. The summers are hot obviously, but I was surprised how easily I adapted. So when people ask me what I like most about Dallas, the weather is one of my personal top reasons. My number two reason has to be the low cost of living compared to other places. Texas has no state income tax, and the house I can get for the money is ridiculously good compared to anywhere else I have purchased. Reason number three is the entertainment possibilities. I love sports and Dallas is a great place for that. Professional teams in all 4 major sports leagues, NASCAR, many colleges in the area as well as high school sports. Any day of the week there is something going on. Plus the sports facilities they have in DFW are second to none. Cowboys Stadium is unbelievable, The Ball Park in Arlington is awesome, and AAC is a world class venue for hockey and basketball. If you are a music lover you will love this town too. There are always great concerts in the area. I'm not a huge art lover but I hear there are plenty of great options for that as well. Additionally, there is an abundance of great shopping. Beyond the typical entertainment choices are things such as the Fort Worth Stock Yards, the Fort Worth Zoo, the phenomenal Texas State Fair and the close vicinity to the Texas Hill Country, the Gulf Coast and other great Texas cities such as Austin and San Antonio. The economy in Texas seems to have fared way better than most places over the last few years. It's probably one of the easiest cities in which to find a good job and it is very business friendly. This combined with the low cost of living makes it a financially good choice to live. Great food. From BBQ to steak to Mexican to any other type of dining you may be looking for, it's easy to find a wide range of great restaurant choices it of the city. I love how spread out the metroplex is. It is easy to find plenty of wide open areas, parks and lakes to enjoy. It basically gives you all the amenities you would look for ultimate vacuum cleaner ( please click the next site - https://www.adsoftheworld.com/user/loansforemergency ) in a large city, but it doesn?�t have that cramped feel. In some areas you are close to anything you want, but it feels like you are in a small town. In a nutshell, those are the main reasons I love living in the Dallas area, along with how friendly the people are. When I first moved to Dallas, I honestly never believed I would stay for more than a couple years, but now I can't imagine leaving. If you are considering moving to Dallas, from my standpoint I would highly recommend it.
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